In 1952, a Yiddish translation of the Talmud, tractate “Baba Kama” by Rabbi Shmuel Hubner appeared. Nine yeears later his translation of “Baba Metzia” was published. These editions proved to […]

(conclusion) In last week’s article, I drew attention to Rabbi Jacob Wehl’s new and excellent commentary on the Jerusalem Talmud tractate of Shekalim. Following are some minor notes: In Pesher […]

To the Editor: I read with great interest Rabbi Adam Mintz’ “Words, Meaning and Spirit. The Talmud in Translation,” The Torah U-Madda Journal 5 (1994). Rabbi Mintz deals largely with […]

Next week the students of the Daf Yomi will commence the study of tractate Ketubbot. The large tractate deals not only with many Talmudic laws, but also discusses a large […]

Since we are now in the period of counting the Omer, the following excerpt is of particular relevance. The Gaon Rabbi Isaiah b. Abraham HaLevi Horowitz writes in his Shnei […]