(Continued from last week) The book provides a list of the members of the Rebbe’s family who were murdered in Przemyslany and elsewhere accompanied by the following note: “Strikingly similar […]

(Yiddish, time spent together)- Term used by the Hasidim of Lubavitch to denote gatherings at which there are eating, drinking, singing and discussion of Hasidic teachings. The Hebrew expression for […]

“The Hebrew word “pras” means prize, reward.  It also means a part of something, a piece.  On the occasion it means both—it is a prize, but it is only part […]

Much time has passed since I had seen him last.  He has not changed much—the same white flowing beard, the thick dense eyebrows, the clever eyes twinkling from behind the […]

By Aaron Wertheim   Reviewed by Tovia Preschel   In a passage devoted to a Hasidic custom of preparing spices and myrtle leaves for Sabbath, Wertheim explains that the custom […]