Travel Impressions About five hundred Jews live in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) They are dispersed over eight communities. Two hundred live in East Berlin. The East Berlin Jewish […]

(Continued from last week) The book provides a list of the members of the Rebbe’s family who were murdered in Przemyslany and elsewhere accompanied by the following note: “Strikingly similar […]

In 1952, a Yiddish translation of the Talmud, tractate “Baba Kama” by Rabbi Shmuel Hubner appeared. Nine yeears later his translation of “Baba Metzia” was published. These editions proved to […]

Author of Warsaw Ghetto Diary Dr. Hillel Seidman, one of the best-known religious Jewish writers and journalists died Monday, Ellul 2, (August 28) in New York. He was reported to […]

(Continued from last Week) Sitting in Rabbi Oberlander’s booklined study in his apartment which as mentioned earlier, doubles as Lubavitch’s “Jewish Heritage Center of Hungary,” he showed me books, which […]

Some time ago, “Moznaim,” published a beautiful new edition of Toledot Yitzhak, Rabbi Yitzhak Caro’s commentary on the Torah, which was first printed in Constantinople in 1518. Rabbi Yitzhak Caro, […]

The Jewish community of Aleppo Syria is one of the oldest in the world. The Jews of that community identify their city as the Biblical Aram Tzova and call it […]