(Continued from last week) The book provides a list of the members of the Rebbe’s family who were murdered in Przemyslany and elsewhere accompanied by the following note: “Strikingly similar […]

(Continued from last Week) Sitting in Rabbi Oberlander’s booklined study in his apartment which as mentioned earlier, doubles as Lubavitch’s “Jewish Heritage Center of Hungary,” he showed me books, which […]

(Reporting from Hungary) Last week’s memorial assembly in Budapest was an outstanding event. Jews of Hungary, Hungarian Jews who settled in other countries and leaders of the Hungarian people met […]

Zvi Yair: An anonymous Hebrew Poet I have in front of me a volume of Hebrew poetry entitled “Gesharim” (Bridges). It was printed in Debrecen, Hungary, in 1942, and was […]

Next Sunday, July 3, commemorative ceremonies on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the destruction of Hungarian Jewry will be held in Budapest. The commemoration will take place at the […]