I was a “Rabbi Schoenfeld Kind.” After the Kristallnacht pogrom of November, 1938, the British government declared its readiness to admit several thousand Jewish children into Great Britain. The Chief […]

The Haggadah of which a reproduction is presented here was written and illustrated in Vienna in the year 1751 by Aaron Schreiber Herlingen, a well-known artist-scribe. Schreiber, who hailed from […]

For centuries after the invention of printing in Europe, the use of handwritten books was still widespread. There were always individuals who preferred, particularly on festive occasions, to use a […]

The illustrated Haggadah, a facsimile of which is presented here, was produced in 1719 by the scribe Meshullam Zimel. He was one of the 18th century artist-scribes, who wrote and […]