Mossad HaRav Kook

Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Horowitz, who succeeded his father, Rabi Pinchas Horowitz (author of Sefer Hafla’ah) as rabbi of Frankfurt, relates in his book of sermons Lahmei Torah, “I heard my […]

More than a year ago I wrote in The Jewish Press about Rabbi Jacob Gellis’ project to assemble from printed works and manuscripts all the Biblical comments and interpretations of […]

Several months ago there appeared in Israel a new edition of Abraham ben Nathan HaYarhi’s “Sefer HaManhig” an important medieval work on Halacha. Abraham ben Nathan, who was a contemporary […]

  The Adar issue of “Sinai” which recently reached these shores, marks the completion of the fiftieth volume of this excellent monthly, which is dedicated to Torah, Jewish scholarship and […]