Mossad HaRav Kook

Several years ago, Yitzhak Raphael announced plans for the establishment in Jerusalem of Yad Harav Maimon, a world center for Torah and Juaic studies. It was to include the Mosad […]

Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Horowitz, who succeeded his father, Rabi Pinchas Horowitz (author of Sefer Hafla’ah) as rabbi of Frankfurt, relates in his book of sermons Lahmei Torah, “I heard my […]

More than a year ago I wrote in The Jewish Press about Rabbi Jacob Gellis’ project to assemble from printed works and manuscripts all the Biblical comments and interpretations of […]

Several months ago there appeared in Israel a new edition of Abraham ben Nathan HaYarhi’s “Sefer HaManhig” an important medieval work on Halacha. Abraham ben Nathan, who was a contemporary […]

  The Adar issue of “Sinai” which recently reached these shores, marks the completion of the fiftieth volume of this excellent monthly, which is dedicated to Torah, Jewish scholarship and […]