Eretz Yisrael

(Continued from last week) The year 5649 (1888-1889) was a Sabbatical year. Leading rabbinic authorities in the land were asked by members of the newly established Jewish agricultural settlements in […]

We did not talk “politics”. For the past years the participation of Poale Agudat Israel in the Mapai-led Israel cabinet and PAI’s relations with Agudat Israel, its parent body, have […]

 There is a difference between Begin the political speaker and Begin the lecturer. Begin’s political oratory is packed with emotion whereas the tone of his lectures is serene.  There pathos […]

Friday, June 2, 1967, six o’clock in the morning  the Israel radio announced that a new national government composed of the major parties had been established. The news was received […]

Mayor of Bnei Brak  According to Don Isaac Abravanel in his commentary on the Passover Haggadah, Bnei Brak mentioned in the story of the five sages was not the name […]

Much time has passed since I had seen him last.  He has not changed much—the same white flowing beard, the thick dense eyebrows, the clever eyes twinkling from behind the […]

While still a child I had read his article on Joseph Trumpeldor, the one- armed hero of Tel Hai, who had died with these words on his lips: “It is […]

The Old City of Jerusalem was divided into Jewish, Armenian, Christian and Moslem quarters. At one time the Jewish quarter had a population of 15,000, but with the growth of […]