Rabbonim, Poskim, Roshei Yeshiva

(Continued from last week) The year 5649 (1888-1889) was a Sabbatical year. Leading rabbinic authorities in the land were asked by members of the newly established Jewish agricultural settlements in […]

In 1952, a Yiddish translation of the Talmud, tractate “Baba Kama” by Rabbi Shmuel Hubner appeared. Nine yeears later his translation of “Baba Metzia” was published. These editions proved to […]

A short time ago, at the end of the month of Av, Rabbi Shlomo Ra’anan was murdered by an Arab terrorist in his caravan home at Tel Rumeida, Hevron. Rabbi […]

“I have given much thought to methods which could give our youth a thorough understanding and deep knowledge of our heritage, its beliefs, laws and ideas, “ Rabbi Dr. Judah […]

A new collection of religious poems by Rav Hai Gaon was published recently in Israel by Yisrael Yitzhak Hasida. Rav Hai was the last of theBabylonian Gaonim, who for a […]

HaGadol MiMinsk (“The Gadol of Minsk”), published recently by Feldheim is a biography of the Gaon R. Yeruchom Yehuda Leib Perelmann, who served as rabbi in Seltso, Pruzhany and Minsk. […]