Some time ago, “Moznaim,” published a beautiful new edition of Toledot Yitzhak, Rabbi Yitzhak Caro’s commentary on the Torah, which was first printed in Constantinople in 1518. Rabbi Yitzhak Caro, […]

From all over Spain foreign tourists flock to Granada to see the historical sights of this city. “1492 was a very important year in the history of Spain,” the tourist […]

Bilboa in the Basque country is a large and beautiful city, but I spent only one day there.  In fact, I had come the long way from Madrid, not to […]

Cordoba.  There was a period in the Middle Ages when Cordoba on the Guadalquivir was the largest city in Europe.  It was the capital of Moslem Spain and had a […]

Several months ago there appeared in Israel a new edition of Abraham ben Nathan HaYarhi’s “Sefer HaManhig” an important medieval work on Halacha. Abraham ben Nathan, who was a contemporary […]

About five minutes walk from the Samuel Halevi Synagogue, in the area which was once the Juderia (Jewish quarter), is the Maria la Blanca Synagogue.  This synagogue, too, is known […]

A large stone tablet affixed to a house in the former Jewish quarter of Tudela in Spain pays homage to the Jewish traveler Benjamin, “son of Yona of Navarre, who […]