More than 20 years ago, I was asked by a charitable institution to write an article about a Haggadah illustration found in the famous Rothschild Miscellany. This was my first […]

Several months ago there appeared in Israel a new edition of Abraham ben Nathan HaYarhi’s “Sefer HaManhig” an important medieval work on Halacha. Abraham ben Nathan, who was a contemporary […]

On May 12, [1981] important Hebrew and Samaritan manuscripts from the famous collection of David Sassoon were auctioned off in Sotheby Parke Bernet on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. […]

An Arab poet sang in praise of Maimonides’ art of healing: Galen’s heart heals only the body, but Abu-Amram’s (Maimonides’) the body and soul. Mosad HaRav Kook recently reprinted Dr. […]