The main events reported in “Chronicles” are based on the Bible, ancient historical narratives and on the results of archaeological excavations. Naturally, many of the minor items as well as […]

By Bernard Postal and Samuel H. Abramson The Landmarks of a People, a Jewish tourist’s guide to Europe, is a book which fills a long-felt need. It will be deeply […]

Me’orah shel Torah (“The Light of the Torah”) is a collection of comments, thoughts, homilies and stories on the weekly portions of the Torah, culled from a large variety of […]

Several months ago I reviewed in this column a book on the “Noda Biyehuda” by A. L. Gelman.  The following lines will be devoted to another book on Yeheskel Landau, […]

By Isaac Lewin The study of the history of the Jews of Poland is Isaac Lewin’s specialty.  Years before the outbreak of World War II, while still a young student, […]