(Continued from last Week) Sitting in Rabbi Oberlander’s booklined study in his apartment which as mentioned earlier, doubles as Lubavitch’s “Jewish Heritage Center of Hungary,” he showed me books, which […]

In “Yiddish and English- A Century of Yiddish in America,” Sol Steinmetz set himself the task of describing the relationship between Yiddish and English and their influences on each other. […]

Rabbi Moshe Isserles mentions in the Shulhan Arukh, Orah Hayyim (670/2) the custom of eating cheese on Hanukkah and states the reason. This custom is already mentioned — as indicated […]

Rabbi Chaim Yehoshua Kasovsky, who died recently at the age of eighty- eight, was one of the many great and brilliant scholars with which Jerusalem was blessed in the last […]