Some time ago, “Moznaim,” published a beautiful new edition of Toledot Yitzhak, Rabbi Yitzhak Caro’s commentary on the Torah, which was first printed in Constantinople in 1518. Rabbi Yitzhak Caro, […]

From all over Spain foreign tourists flock to Granada to see the historical sights of this city. “1492 was a very important year in the history of Spain,” the tourist […]

Rashi, Ibn Ezra and the Ramban are the great early commentators of the Pentateuch.  Unlike the two others, the commentary of the Ramban is multi-dimension.  It offers the student simple […]

  I would like to write today a few lines about the Epistle of the Humility, said to have been sent by the Ramban (Moshe Ben Nachman) to his son. […]