Next Thursday, November 5, the Israel Society of Judaica collectors will hold an auction of rare books, manuscripts, documents and works of art at the Jerusalem Plaza-Sheraton Hotel. The Society […]

For years now, the New York Office of the Diskin Orphan Home of Israel- the country’s best known educational institution for orphans, children from broken homes and poor families, as […]

The Haggadah, which is reproduced here, was printed in Offenbach, Germany, in 1722. It is largely the product of one family: Grandfather, father and son. The commentaries and discussions of […]

The Haggadah of which a reproduction is presented here was written and illustrated in Vienna in the year 1751 by Aaron Schreiber Herlingen, a well-known artist-scribe. Schreiber, who hailed from […]

The Haggadah, which is reproduced here, was printed in Venice in 1716.  It is richly illustrated and includes a Judeo-Italian translation of the text and the Seder instructions as well […]

In the summer of 1863 the Trieste Italian-Jewish monthly ״Corriere Israelitico״ began to carry announcements of the forthcoming publication of a splendid edition of a Haggadah with illustrations, a new […]

For centuries after the invention of printing in Europe, the use of handwritten books was still widespread. There were always individuals who preferred, particularly on festive occasions, to use a […]

Jews settled in Karlsruhe, Germany, not long after its establishment in 1715 by Karl Wilhelm, the margrave of Baden-Durlach, who called upon people to come there irrespective of their religious […]

״One should know that it is a Mitzva . . . to tell our children on this night about the exodus from Egypt . . . for this reason our […]