Author of Warsaw Ghetto Diary Dr. Hillel Seidman, one of the best-known religious Jewish writers and journalists died Monday, Ellul 2, (August 28) in New York. He was reported to […]

By Saul Lieberman and Tovia Preschel Isaac Rivkind came to the field of Jewish scholarship after years of intensive activity in the Zionist movement in Europe and the United States. […]

Dr. Isaac Rivkind recently wrote: “I am writing this with deep grief and with the feeling that if ‘I will not tell, I will have to bear my sin,’ I […]

For years now, the New York Office of the Diskin Orphan Home of Israel- the country’s best known educational institution for orphans, children from broken homes and poor families, as […]

Since we are now in the period of counting the Omer, the following excerpt is of particular relevance. The Gaon Rabbi Isaiah b. Abraham HaLevi Horowitz writes in his Shnei […]

Much time has passed since I had seen him last.  He has not changed much—the same white flowing beard, the thick dense eyebrows, the clever eyes twinkling from behind the […]

By Isaac Lewin The study of the history of the Jews of Poland is Isaac Lewin’s specialty.  Years before the outbreak of World War II, while still a young student, […]