Bon Mot

Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Horowitz, who succeeded his father, Rabi Pinchas Horowitz (author of Sefer Hafla’ah) as rabbi of Frankfurt, relates in his book of sermons Lahmei Torah, “I heard my […]

In “Yiddish and English- A Century of Yiddish in America,” Sol Steinmetz set himself the task of describing the relationship between Yiddish and English and their influences on each other. […]

“And acquire a friend for yourself” (Avot 1:6) The commentary attributed to Rashi states that according to some, this means to acquire books.” Rabbi Isaac Kanpanton, one of the last […]

An Old Saying There is an old saying which sums up the Jew’s values and way of life:  Takhlit Hayamim—Halaylot (the purpose of the days are the nights); Takhlit HaLaylot—Shabbatot […]

Me’orah shel Torah (“The Light of the Torah”) is a collection of comments, thoughts, homilies and stories on the weekly portions of the Torah, culled from a large variety of […]