Letter to the Editor of Jerusalem Post, April 2, 2007 Sirs, “Cigars, salsa and shmaltz” (February 16) talked about the Canadian Jewish Congress’s supply of kosher-for-Pessah food to the “small […]

The appearance of HaMahzor HaMeforash and similar publications is a sign of our time, which witnesses a great renaissance of Judaism. Not only the ignorant Jew, but also the educated […]

The Jewish community of Aleppo Syria is one of the oldest in the world. The Jews of that community identify their city as the Biblical Aram Tzova and call it […]

Next Thursday, November 5, the Israel Society of Judaica collectors will hold an auction of rare books, manuscripts, documents and works of art at the Jerusalem Plaza-Sheraton Hotel. The Society […]

Pele Yoetz (Wondrous Advisor) by Rabbi Eliezer Papo has enjoyed great popularity among both Sefardim and Ashkenazim since its publication more than 150 years ago. The book, whose subject matter […]

Rebbetzin Chava Bacharach was an extraordinary woman. A granddaughter of the Maharal of Prague, a daughter of Rabbi Yitzchak Kohen, the famous son-in-law of the Maharal, and the wife of […]

A new collection of religious poems by Rav Hai Gaon was published recently in Israel by Yisrael Yitzhak Hasida. Rav Hai was the last of theBabylonian Gaonim, who for a […]

New Volume by Lev Sameah Institute The latest publication of the Lev Sameah Institute of Jerusalem – in time for the High Holidays – is a volume featuring a new […]